Operational Excellence

Using our proprietary Playbook, we bring members of the robust Essential team together to work with each client organization. Based upon our extensive experience, we’ve come to understand that the best way to “meet clients where they’re at” is to establish the scope of the work, determine qualifications of our teleradiologists, and map out a plan for integrating technology. Our attention to detail in the onboarding process is unparalleled, as we take on the often-tedious process of certification and licensure to get our radiologists up-and-running with ease. Essential’s role doesn’t stop there. Once we’re live with a new account, the Client Account team steps in to provide comprehensive ongoing support for technology, scheduling, clinical ops, and customer service.

Next-Order Technology

With Essential’s focus on pioneering next-generation radiology, we are revolutionizing the convergence of PACS and AI-driven worklist optimization. Through partnerships with Rad AI and OpenRad, we are advancing the state-of-the-art by integrating advanced PACS and AI-driven worklist optimization to ensure radiologists are empowered, diagnoses are precise, and healthcare systems offer holistic care.

Essential’s technology solution:

Helps prioritize case management: AI-driven worklists ensure urgent cases are prioritized, streamlining the review of critical scans, which enhances timely diagnosis.

Champions efficiency and wellness for radiologists: AI-managed worklists alleviate the pressure on radiologists from sifting through myriad scans, reducing fatigue and potential oversights, allowing them to concentrate on accurate diagnosis.

Tailors workflows and enhances quality: By categorizing scans based on radiologist specialization, AI ensures that each image is evaluated by an expert, promoting diagnostic quality and efficient patient throughput.

Supports data integration and collaborative care: The OpenRad PACS system, when paired with Rad AI’s worklist optimization functionality, provides real-time analysis of relevant patient data, fostering proactive collaboration among specialists, which culminates in comprehensive patient care.

Drives cost and continuous learning advantages: The streamlined processes lead to significant cost savings and improved patient care, while the self-evolving nature of AI ensures that the system’s accuracy and efficiency keep improving.

Personalized Support

At Essential, we have built a behind-the-scenes team to provide radiologists and client staff with seamless technical and logistical support. This 24/7/365 expert coverage allows all participants to prioritize patient care without distraction or disruption.

Our clinical and operational experts are focused on facilitating communications and troubleshooting — in real time — to resolve issues quickly. They function as a bridge connecting our clients to our reading radiologists so that critical findings can be addressed quickly, using a single point of contact to manage the process. In addition to live support, radiologists have access to an expansive library of tools and resources to address questions and issues as they arise.

Teleradiology as a Service

As Essential Radiology continues on its trajectory as the disruptor in the teleradiology sector, we’re continuing our work on the first-of-its-kind TrAAS — teleradiology as a service platform, Fred. It’s the place where radiology practices, hospitals and health systems engage with top-notch radiologists to contract for services. Stay tuned as this remarkable service comes online.

A carousel of three images each showing healthcare works either taking radiographs of patients or examining radiographs on computers or tablets.